1 cutting edge Parting off


  • Parting off
  • Grooving

Construction and the way, these perfect grooving and parting off tools fit together

Just a few degrees in the right direction, lead to a new technique, which solves the old and well known system problems like
  • Loss of center height
  • Opening of insert pocket
  • Fatigue of material
  • Insert creeping
and increase tool life by 120%, stated by absolute authentic test series, compared with the system passt perfekt.


  • Vibrations = 0
  • Positioning in insert pocket is perfect
  • Heat rejection improved
  • Quick and defined insert change

Authentic tests:Parting off


BF Parting off geometry

Grooved parting off edge with reinforced flanks. The deep and spacious chip-through gives excellent chip control. To be used on almost all materials.

IF geometry

IF Geometry with its cutting edge strengthening, ground chamfer is recommended for:
  • Alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Interrupted cuts


The arc shaped cutting edge with its reinforced flanks achieves ideal chips.

Recommended for free cutting and low alloy steels and stainless steels, also to be used on unstable machine tools.

IF ALU geometry

The new IF ALU geometry has got a horizontally ground cutting edge with a flat chip breaker for high speed chip removal. The geometry is positive and sharply ground and is recommended for nonferrous heavy metals, pipes, thinwalled parts, unstable components, free cutting materials and titanium.

Worth knowing


Grooving, the major edge cuts a groove

Parting off

The major edge parts off a comonent

Parting off components leaving a bur

Parting off components without leaving a bur

Flex Fix inserts

Neutral inserts, inserts with lead angle right and lead angle left

Definition of rotation

View into the spindle
RH or CCW: Workpiece or bar rotates counter clockwise
LH or CW: Workpiece or bar rotates clockwise