Carmex Precision Tools Ltd Swiss Line


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  • Swiss style lathes are becoming popular for machining medical, aerospace and small parts.
  • Carmex is introducing Swiss line of inserts and toolholders, developed for automatic and Swiss style lathes.
  • Designed for economic production of parting, grooving, profiling and chamfering.
  • Tools for Swiss type and sliding head lathes.


Advanced sub-micron grade (K10-K30) - a combination of strength, toughness, wear resistance and edge sharpness.
  • Grounded cutting edges.
  • Advanced and unique PVD triple coating, for high wear and heat resistance.
  • For most types of material, including Stainless Steels, Titanium and Super Alloys.
  • Three cutting edges.
  • The insert can be indexed directly on the machine.
  • Internal coolant to the cutting edge.
  • Tools for Swiss type and sliding head lathes.