Mimatic Tool Systems Poly Ream


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A new generation of reamers enables the insertion of blind and through holes into the units with a very high precision. The polygonal interface of the cutting insert and the shaft improves the efficiency of the machining process significantly.

Two basic types RPK 40 and RPK 42 are available, which cover a wide range of applications through their different shanks and cutting insert designs. The insert change is fast and easy to operate.

Because of the frontal clamping screw the shaft does not have to be unclamped. Different overall lenghts are available.


  • Solid connection through a polygonal insert seat
  • Easy insert change
  • Internal coolant supply directly to the cutting edge
  • High concentricity
  • Longer durability
  • High precision
  • Higher volume of metal removed by reaming
  • Higher feeds
  • Shorter processing times
  • Special dimensions available


  • Shank sizes 16 / 20 mm
  • Length design short / long
  • Left-hand twist for through holes
  • Straight grooves for blind bores
  • Diameters area 12,00-20,20 mm
  • Any gate geometries
  • Any tolerances
  • Cutting materials: carbide / Cermet
  • Coatings: TINAMATIC / without