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SAMTEC Taps Welcome to SAMTEC, your premier source for high-precision threading solutions. Our extensive range of taps is engineered to meet the most stringent thread profile standards, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability across a diverse array of manufacturing applications.

Premium and High-Performance Tapping and Thread Cutting & Forming Taps

Extensive Range of Premium Taps

SAMTEC offers a comprehensive selection of taps crafted from high-performance materials and advanced coatings, designed to deliver superior thread quality:

• High-Speed Steel (HSS)
• HSS-E (High-Speed Steel with Cobalt)
• HSS-E-PM (Powder Metallurgy High-Speed Steel with Cobalt)
• Solid Carbide

These materials are meticulously chosen to provide optimal durability, precision, and performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Types of Taps

Our product line includes a diverse array of tap types, each tailored to meet specific threading requirements:

• Straight Flute Cutting Tap: Ideal for general-purpose threading.
• Spiral Flute Cutting Tap: Designed for efficient chip removal in blind holes.
• Roller Tap: Perfect for forming threads without cutting, suitable for softer materials.
• Carbide Cutting Tap: Provides exceptional wear resistance and precision for hard materials.