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SAMTEC Thread-Turning product line is recognized for its full range of enhanced quality laydown inserts answering to most of the thread profile standards. Two types of inserts are offered-ground profile and pressed chipformer inserts, delivering enhanced quality threads, offered in a big variety of grades and coatings to fit all manufacturing purposes. Within this range we offer also Miniature inserts for threading bores as small as 6.4mm diameter, Multitooth inserts and U Type inserts.

Most of the inserts are offered in one grade, SC7819. It is having Superb Chipping Resistance PVD coating with TiAlN Coating Layer provides High Wear and Resistance, can be used most of the industrial materials- ISO P15-P30 M20-M30 K20-K40 S15-S30 & H20-H30.

SAMTEC offers a wide range of threading tool holders for external and internal threads. Also available in carbide shanks for smaller dia. & deeper internal threads.