NOGA Countersinks – Hand Deburring Tools


NOGA Countersinks Tool | Manufacturers | SAMTEC TOOLS
Patented RotoDrive Crancked Countersinks which allows the user to chamfer holes, deep holes and continuous rotation for fast and accurate chamfering.

If a hole is drilled into a work piece, usually a rough edge will appear around the top of the hole. Noga countersinks can remove these rough ridges and put a chamfer between the hole and the surface into which the hole was drilled.

Noga Countersinks can also create a deeper recess into a hole, in order to prevent a flat head screw from projecting over the surrounding surface.
Noga countersinks are hand deburring tools normally used for producing a small chamfer, but may also be gripped in a drill press to create deeper recesses.

Noga Countersinks consist of three parts: A blade of high speed steel, a holder, and a handle. The Noga Countersinks are used like a screw-driver, pressed onto the hole, and rotated clockwise.

However, another method to perform the rotation is offered with our patented Noga Countersinks Rotodrive system. In this case the blade-holder has the form of a crank, which enables the user to perform continuous rotations.

With the Rotodrive system, Noga Countersinks also offers External Countersinks, with which rough edges can be chamfered on the outside of tubes and round bars.

For external and internal light chamfering, Noga makes patented Reversible Countersinks. If a cross hole was drilled into a tube, this tool can be inserted into the hole, then a blade can swivel out to deburr the inside break-through, by rotating the tool clockwise and anticlockwise.

Contrary to other Noga countersinks, this tool can create good chamfers also on curved surfaces, because its cutting edges will follow exactly the contour of the hole. As well as on the inside of cross holes, they can also chamfer the outside burrs.


NOGA Countersinks Tool | Manufacturers | SAMTEC TOOLS