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MicroTec productline is designed for internal machining of miniature parts (Min internal dia. starts from 0.6mm). Mostly used in the aerospace, medical & miniature components industries. Consists of various cutting geometries of carbide inserts & tool holders for a wide range of internal machining applications.

Inserts geometries to perform the following applications -
  • Internal turning & chamfering
  • Profiling and Boring
  • Internal Turning and Chamfering Next to the Bottom of Blind Holes
  • Back Turning
  • Internal Grooving
  • Full Radius Internal Grooving/Profiling
  • 45° Chamfering
  • Back Chamfering & Pre-parting
  • Full Profiling & Partial profile Threading
  • Face Grooving
  • Round Profile Face Grooving
  • Deep Face Grooving
Inserts includes Coolant through supply close to the cutting edge for improved tool life and chip control.

Grade SC5819- PVD coating with TiAlN Coating Layer provides High Wear and Resistance, can be used most of the industrial materials- ISO P15-P30 M20-M30 K20-K40 S15-S30 & H20-H30.
General purpose for all materials.

MITECH holders
  • MITECH MG Double sided holders enable the mounting of 2 different insert shank sizes, one on each side.
  • Cooling holes ensure sufficient & improved coolant supply to the cutting zone
  • Clamping screws are located on top of the to provide an additional clamping option
  • MITECH A** holders are designed which enables extremely high clamping repeatability of 0.005mm