Mimatic Tool Systems Polymill


Thread Milling For Deep Threads | Polymill | SAMTEC
Circular Milling Tools with Polygonal Insert Seat and 6 Cutting Edges for Thread Milling of Deep Threads and for High Chipping Volume 

The new generation of circular cutters allows,
  • Plunge Cuts
  • Guard Ring Slots and O-ring Slots
  • Metric Internal Threads acc. to DIN
  • Whitworth Threads
  • Special Recesses
to be milled in components with great precision. The polygonal connection between the insert and cutter body improves the economy and quality of the machining process.
  • Longer Tool Lifetimes
  • Higher Chipping Volume
  • Higher Feeds
  • Shorter Machining Times
P16, P20 and P26 are the designations of the three basic types. They are available with various shank and insert dimensions that extend the application scope.

The milling cutters are available in various lengths. The carbide variants are made with a tool-steel head.