ZX Facing Boring And Contouring Heads

ZX Facing Heads | Boring Tools | Contouring Heads | SAMTEC
ZX Modular boring Tools(MBT) and facing & contouring heads(FBH) - Machine a variety of contoured surfaces on horizontal boring machines ...in one tooling set-up.
  • Single-slide facing,boring, and contouring heads, for multiple operations in one set-up
  • Double-slide boring and contouring tools, for balanced cutting action at higher cutting speeds
  • Valve-seat pocket tools, with rigid cutter support and in-bore piloting for very accurate, highquality, chatter-free finishes deep in bore cavities
  • Bottle boring tool – With guided ZX bottle-boring tool for machining internal diameter cavities on landing gear strut and piston assemblies.
  • Complete tooling systems for performing boring, facing, taper boring, contour boring, deep-cavity boring, grooving, back spot facing, and chamfering operations on horizontal boring machines with programmable inner quills